Do Plant-Based Window & Glass Cleaners Really Work?

If you’ve recently made the leap to natural household cleaners, then there is much to celebrate about. But how about those windows? Have you noticed that many non-toxic glass cleaners just don’t cut it? Let's dig in some more on that question.

Why do the conventional glass cleaners work so well?

They are loaded up with synthetic solvents and surfactants that both evaporate and clean fast. That's how you get that squeaky clean and streak-free surface. The problem is that you also get a lung full of toxic chemicals. It simply isn’t worth the sacrifice in the long run. And think about what that does to your kids and pets!

Streak-Free Windows

Why have many natural glass cleaners failed to leave a streak-free finish?

In short, they are too complicated. The combination of too many ingredients, despite them being naturally derived, creates another problem. When those are combined they create bi-products that leave residue on the glass or worse yet toxic vapors.

Soganics Anti-Fog Technology

Are there any natural glass cleaners that actually work as well as the traditional ones?

Yes, plant-based glass and window cleaners have come a long way in the last couple years. The formulas have been simplified and the focus is now on the quality of the natural solvents and surfactants with an emphasis on the ratios of those ingredients. The results are stunning and you’ll feel much better knowing that you’re spraying nothing but coconut, potato and other plant-based ingredients on to your windows. Some of them even contribute to mild but natural anti-fogging characteristics.

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