Issue #1: Excessive Sweating

Sweating is a natural and healthy bodily function. Nevo's deodorant, free from toxic chemicals, allows your body's detoxification process to continue uninterrupted. It isn’t designed to block the sweat glands but to prevent odor. We do however use tapioca starch which absorbs some of the moisture. When transitioning from conventional deodorants, you may initially experience increased sweating as your body eliminates toxins. However, this should normalize over time, and you might even notice a decrease in sweat compared to before.

Issue #2: Unpleasant Odor

Nevo's deodorant formula effectively combats odor. During the initial weeks of use, you may find yourself more susceptible to odor. The good news is that this issue will improve significantly. If it persists, consider adjusting your diet by reducing processed foods and incorporating regular exercise, as these measures can aid in detoxification and minimize body odor.

Issue #3: Irritated Armpits

Some individuals may experience irritation due to the baking soda in Nevo's deodorant. In most cases, this can be resolved with a few adjustments. Allow your underarms time to adapt to the baking soda's alkaline properties. If irritation continues or becomes painful, discontinue use. Additionally, try warming up the deodorant before application, using only a small amount, dabbing instead of swiping, shaving at night and applying deodorant in the morning, moisturizing the underarm area, giving your pits a break if irritation occurs, and balancing the pH with apple cider vinegar.

Issue #4: Darkened Armpits

Darkening of the underarms can occur, particularly in individuals with darker skin tones, when using deodorants containing baking soda. This issue is painless and reversible but can be bothersome. Try gently rubbing a sugar-coated lemon wedge on the affected area before bathing, as the exfoliation and brightening properties of lemon may help normalize pigmentation. If this doesn't work, discontinuing use of the deodorant will restore your underarm color.

Issue #5: Stained Clothes

Staining is a rare occurrence when using Nevo's deodorant, which is made with natural oils. Staining usually happens when too much deodorant is applied. Two light swipes per underarm are sufficient for most individuals. Allowing your underarms to air out before dressing can also prevent staining. However, some fabrics are more prone to oil stains, especially tight-fitting tops in the underarm area. In most cases, these stains can be easily removed in the washing machine with regular detergent. For tougher stains, rub detergent directly into stain before adding your clothes to the washing machine. Although the chances of staining are very low, it's important to keep this in mind when wearing the deodorant with delicate tops.