Why is pH balance important to healthy hair?

Why is pH balance important to healthy hair?

By now we’ve all heard that it's best to keep away from parabens, petrochemicals, alcohols and SLS. But what about pH? Should you be concerned with how acidic or alkaline your shampoo and conditioner are? We say, a loud and resounding YES.

PH Balanced

What pH is my hair supposed to be?

For most people a pH level of between 5-6 is considered ideal. You’ll know when it's too alkaline when you see flakes or feel itchiness on your scalp. The alkalinity causes the cuticles to open up and you are reacting with those symptoms.

Isn’t pH 7 more natural since it is neutral?

Yes, if you are talking about drinking water but not if you want a healthy head of hair. You see the scalp and hair are comfortable in a slightly acidic state. The scalp’s naturally secreted oils help keep the head acidic which aids in fighting fungus and bacteria.

Scalp irritation

If you use a shampoo with a pH of 7 or higher you will be disturbing the natural balance and as a result bacteria and fungus will set in. This in turn causes irritation. So while we like to remove the excess oil while shampooing it is critical not to upset the pH level.

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What are the benefits of using a pH5.5 shampoo and conditioner?

For starters you won’t be stripping your hair and scalp of all their natural oils. You’ll be reducing the chance for breakage and your cuticles will stay sealed. The first signs will be less frizz and less dryness overall.


Yes, you read that right. pH5.5 shampoos and conditioners will reduce or eliminate dandruff. Most people who suffer from a hormonal imbalance will witness dandruff as one of the external symptoms. The irritation can be countered with the pH balancing shampoo.

Make that color last longer

Most coloring procedures include an alkaline step which opens the cuticles to take in the hue. After coloring it is important to keep those cuticles as sealed as possible. Neutralizing the alkaline hair with a slightly acidic shampoo and conditioner will give you a longer lasting effect.

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