Avocado Oil for Hair Growth

While avocados have been consumed by people for many millennia, avocado oil is a relatively new fascination, particularly as a healing oil. The avocado’s many health benefits are becoming more widely known.


Hair Growth

Did you know that avocados help to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth?

It is medically known that vitamin B and E deficiency can cause hair loss or prevent hair from growing at its normal rate. Avocados are high in both those vitamins, which act at the cellular level to conserve and strengthen hair. Vitamin B  in particular is essential for hair growth while vitamin E boosts skin repair on the scalp. The damaged skin on the scalp can inhibit proper hair growth. For most people healthy hair grows at a rate of half an inch per month. If you are seeing hair fall during brushing or you find that your hair is not growing at a normal rate you should consider adding avocados to your regime. Using avocado oil extracts in a shampoo and conditioner is the best way to promote regular hair growth.

The actual pulp from an avocado can also be employed to improve the overall condition of your hair by acting as a moisturizer. Ancient civilizations such as the Mayans used avocado pulp to heal damaged hair.

Hair loss can also be a symptom of external stresses on your hair. In these cases the loss occurs when hair becomes dry and damaged from exposure to extreme heat, UV light from the sun or cold. You’re also likely contributing to hair loss and damage by using chemically loaded shampoos, conditioners, and hair products or styling tools such as hair dryers or curling irons. Shampoos and conditioners containing avocado oil extracts are also an effective remedy for treating hair loss as a result of these external factors. Better yet are plant-based shampoos and conditioners that also contain native avocado oil extracts.

Avocado Oil Extract

Avocado Oil Extracts in Shampoos and Conditioners

Using a natural shampoo and conditioner with native avocado oil extracts contributes to healthier, softer and is more elastic hair strands. Avocado oil is naturally high in healthy monounsaturated fats, oleic acid and essential fatty acids which helps protect hair from becoming dry and prone to breakage.


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