The Many Benefits of Avocado Oil For Hair And Skin Care.

The Many Benefits of Avocado Oil For Hair And Skin Care.

Let's explore the growing number of uses of avocado oil for hair and skin care


Due to its antibacterial and antioxidant properties, avocado oil aids in the synthesis of collagen and contributes to tissue regeneration. That's why it is renowned for its ability to heal inflammation and for creating new skin. Those with acne also enjoy avocado oil’s soothing powers. In fact it's so good at reducing irritation that it is used in eczema treatments to increase the tolerance to vitamin B12.


Avocado oil is incredibly high in fatty acids and Vitamin E which makes it ideal for nourishing both hair and skin. It also acts as an anti-irritant and soothes the skin to eliminate flaking. The oils contain palmitic acid which accelerates the absorption process and enables the nutrients to penetrate deeper into the skin. What most don’t know is that it's just as good at healing brittle nails! On the hair it works small miracles by promoting hair growth and healing sensitive scalps.

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Did you know that avocado oil can help protect against UV radiation? It contains mono-saturated fats such as linolenic and luteic acids that create a protective layer to save the skin from sun exposure. And as if that wasn’t enough it's also handy as an aftersun treatment. The oil helps revive and regenerate sunburned skin using its antioxidants, vitamin D,E, Beta Carotene, protein and lecithin. It plays the same role in both protecting and healing hair from sun damage.


Avocado oil doesn’t scream out vitamin C, but strangely enough it does contain it in healthy amounts. This stimulates collagen synthesis and provokes skin elasticity and by so doing eradicates fine lines and wrinkles. 

Weight loss

It's almost sounding like avocado oil does it all and that's because it really does. Its high in omega-9 fatty acids which scientists are now convinced contributes to increased blood flow in the muscles. Oleic acid and monounsaturated fats and well accepted for their belly fat fighting power. Stitch that all together with the knowledge that avocado oil lowers your risk for metabolic syndrome and you'll be glad you got to know this remarkable fruit. By the way, yes it is a fruit and not a veggie!

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