How to wash thin hair and achieve more volume.

How to wash thin hair and achieve more volume.

For those of you with thin hair, you’ll know the feeling when you look in the mirror and see that flatness. Sure, you’ve solved that dry hair problem by using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner but where did all that youthful bounce go? In this article we’ll skip the mechanical tricks that add volume like layering, coloring and styling products. Adding volume can be done by choosing the right shampoo (and conditioner) and improving your in-shower skills!

Volumize Thin Hair with Organic Shampoo and Conditioner

A. Choose the right shampoo and conditioner

Stay away from moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. As long as you don’t have chronically dry and brittle hair, you don’t need them to achieve shine and less breakage. That humid and slick feeling will also weigh down your hair. Try find a natural organic shampoo and conditioner set that is pH balanced like the one from Common Ground. It will give you the sheen you want but won’t add weight. 

Organic Shampoo and Conditioner

B. Wash your hair the right way

It's crazy but something as simple as washing your hair in a different way can add volume. Just follow some basic steps:

  1. Start off by rinsing your hair with warm water. It’ll open your cuticles, which will remove grime, dirt or styling products trapped in your hair. This process will also loosen the oils in your scalp and allow them to enter the now open cuticles. We are embracing the natural cleansing regime.

  2. Apply the natural shampoo only to your roots. Then lather and transition slowly along the length of your hair but stop before you reach the ends. Don’t rub the ends of your hair as they are drier and more brittle. The shampoo will flow there anyway and cleanse as you rinse so there is no need to work in that area.

  3. Apply a light natural conditioner only along the length of your hair and avoid the roots. 

  4. Rinse with cooler water letting the shower do the work for you. You don’t need to do too much rubbing.

  5. Dry your hair by squeezing the towel around the hair and don’t rub like crazy! If you have long hair do this by putting your head down and letting your hair hang to towel dry.

  6. And lastly, try not to wash your hair daily as this can remove too much of your natural oils, or irritate the scalp into producing too much oil. Not enough or too much of your natural oils can kill volume. If you do have to wash daily make sure you use a natural shampoo and conditioner set that is pH balanced such as the one from Common Ground.

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